Our Capabilities

Care Services



  • Case Management
  • Behavioral Health
  • Life Services/Education
  • Medical Services
  • Specialized Youth Care Supervision & Services
  • Training Programs

Deployed Services offers a wide range of care solutions to support a diversity of needs. Our staff undergo continuous training to ensure that our services meet both client requirements and industry best practices and protocols. We’re committed to the highest quality of care, dispensed by a diverse workforce of professionals in a supportive environment.

Customizable and flexible solutions

We are well-practiced in adapting care services to unique situations and vulnerable populations. Our capabilities include providing trauma-informed care to people in unusual or sensitive circumstances and designing humanitarian solutions for complex events.

The two things I like most about Deployed Services today are the same things I loved when I first joined the company: Their commitment to excellence and their passion for what they do.

Hector Z.
Program Director (20+ years in the care services field)