Other Logistical Support

Family Residential Centers, Services, Facilities and Support

Deployed Services maintains a capability set enabling us to provide fixed facility buildings as well as hard-sided and soft-sided temporary, modular solutions to offer COVID safe temporary residential facilities. Our soft-sided solutions are entirely self-sustaining, completely transportable, and can be set up in any location.

Complementing our fixed facilities is our turnkey solutions readily available for small sizes (200 residents) to large groups (2500+ residents), with the ability to custom-tailor all solutions to meet your specific needs. Our facilities come outfitted with all the amenities, maintenance, and support needed to be fully functional and self-sufficient. Our customers can design and customize the layout of our facilities for variable sized populations including for family residential areas, congregational/recreation spaces, and private rooms.

Our facilities can be equipped with wraparound support services including:

  • Ablution equipment and infrastructure support including private showers and restrooms
  • Housekeeping and site sanitization services, fully compliant with CDC COVID-19 cleaning protocols
  • Medical and behavioral health services
  • Dedicated recreational areas
  • Space and service available for cultural and religious services
  • Dedicated space for employees, staff, and contractors with the equipment and infrastructure necessary to work on-site