Christina continues to provide exceptional communication and service in her position in the travel department. When traveling, Christina has always gone above and beyond to assist me with negotiating travel difficulties in all hours of the day. She exhibits the high standards and values that DR employees strive for.

-Todd Whitney

Alex will find the solution to any issue on site & will lead by example for other peers to follow. For example when the headlights to the TRK 076 did not turn on, Alex went above & beyond to find a fuse wire missing & fixed it. This only helps the projects a whole without notating the TRK-076 as inoperable. This example finds Alex’s commitment to DR & what he brings the table.

-Anton Russell

Mike is committed to continuing to make his site better, both functionally and aesthetically. He has had the team pressure wash the traffic cones for a better appearance, added table skirting to hide the cables on the CBP work stations. these are above the normal level of service and deserve to be called out. Nice job Mike!

-Clay Brock

While touring the Pods, Mr. Gehrig noticed an infant asleep with their face facing towards the plastic mattress. Noting that the infant’s guardian was not near, Mr. Gehrig immediately told a Border Patrol Agent who took action. Mr. Gehrig’s quick actions possibly prevented the infant from suffocating him/herself thus showing commitment to life safety.

-Joe Cortesio

DL is committed to performing her job accurately, timely and in the most efficient way she can. A trusted, knowledgeable colleague who exhibits CREST each day. It’s a pleasure working with her … a great work partner.

-Sandy Curtis

For those who know and have worked with Rob Wells, it is evidently clear that he is committed to DR and whatever mission he is on. After a water line was punctured on site during mobilization, Rob worked diligently on the ground to ensure the area was back to tip-top shape!

-Felicia Follmer

This individual strives to seek out potential issues and takes a proactive approach to maintaining our equipment. He finds problems and does not hesitate to address the issue. His commitment to ensuring our operations on the field is an great example of leadership and a team oriented mind set. His work should not go unnoticed.

-Marcus Deem


Continuous communication with Team on securing resources for a project on items that were hard to obtain.
Assuring that our customer was taken care- making sure DR did not fail.

-Ray Hamlin

She had information on a purchase coming from outside of the US that would have saved DR an estimated $200,000. But because she provided all of the details in the request, we were able to identity that the overseas purchase could have caused us contract compliance issues. Having this info and being able to avoid a potential risk is the perfect outcome – Great job Chasile!

-Angie Hingle

A Patron was choking at a local Texas Road House. G Reyes immediately reacted and performed the Heimlich Maneuver thus dislodging food from the chocking woman. Possibly saving her life. We are very proud of him!

-Michael Cappadonia

Taylor is always willing to jump in and help with any project, even if it is out of her job scope. No matter day or night, she always checks to see if the team needs help with anything before signing out for the day. Grateful to have her on our team!

-Jennifer Figgs

After reading the Site Specific Safety Plan for Yuma, Mark recognized the need for a fire extinguisher near the site’s propane tank. His attention to detail embodies our DR values when he took responsibility to ensure the Yuma site was within compliance of the SSSP. A fire extinguisher has since been installed, ensuring the safety of all Yuma personnel.

-Joe Cortesio

I have witnessed Michael take IT Service Tickets no matter when they are placed whether its during the work day, after hours or on the weekends. He alerts the team when one arrives and takes a sense of ownership to help the end user have their problem resolved.

-William Zucosky

Entrepreneurial Spirit

She was very attentive with the new hires. Even though she was presenting and busy on her computer she took the time to assist people with emails and okta.

-Brandon Hamlin

Stan was committed to helping me with getting quality photos on site at Eagle Pass. His enthusiasm for his job and calm demeanor, really showed through and resonated with everyone around him. He was very responsive regarding my site visit and made everything very seamless!

-Megan Fleming


We experienced recent personnel changes within our department, Mallory was quick to respond to the needed adjustments to meet our goals. She displays great strength in everything she does and her ability to jump in wherever to get the job done and support our growing team!

-Felicia Follmer

Mr. Gallegos noticed a crucial employee show symptoms of dehydration. Mr. Gallegos then helped the employee acquire water, electrolytes, and shade. The potential loss of this crucial employee would have set the site build back and was thus thwarted by Mr. Gallegos’s time-sensitive actions.

-Joe Cortesio


Always seeking how she can help the team & grow with DR. No matter where Yessica is placed she is an asset to the team.

-Anton Russell

I’ve only known Adam about 4 weeks and since my interview, he’s demonstrated an “Us” mentality when he discusses DR as well as HR. His focus is the Team vs individualism. He truly is a Transformational Leader and more leaders should be more like Adam.

-Sylvia Saucedo

Jackie is always up for a challenge. I came in as a new employee and started asking a lot of her. She took everything in stride and invested time to work with me, support me, and learn together. She has been there to answer all questions that I’ve had as a new employee and to be a sounding board for me daily.

-Taylor Forsyth