Fort Irwin

Teaming with B3 Enterprises, LLC. As Team B3 (B3 & DS), Deployed Services is providing aircraft refuelers, fuel storage tanks, ancillary equipment, and qualified personnel to safely and cost effectively support Class III POL Refueling and Defueling Services for the US Army Aviation Center of Excellence (USAACE), Fort Rucker, AL. Team B3 will directly enable US Army and US Air Force Helicopter Flight Training with refueling and defueling services to support the training of 2,500 aviators annually, flying over 600 helicopters up to 500 flight per day.


To apply for a position in which you have qualifications and interest, please download this application and fill out accordingly. Once completed please email to [email protected].

This career opportunity involves working under U.S. Department of Defense, candidates for this position must satisfy the specific agency security clearances.